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Free Download Camfrog Pro Full Gratis

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Join live streaming video chat roomsCamfrog Video Chat is a video chat client designed for those that want to meet new people on the net and have a chat using their webcam.

Camfrog Video Chat sounds innocent enough and generally it is, although its a bit disconcerting when it asks you for your marital status as mandatory during registration! The Camfrog Video Chat interface is similar to that of an IM client with contacts listed down the right hand and a messaging box along the bottom. When you log in, you’re asked whether you want to join the main Camfrog Video Chat room or a specific room such as Latino, LearnEnglish, Single and a special room for those using sign language.

When you log into a Camfrog forum room, the rules are made clear – “No disturbing the room with repeated text or spamming” and “No nudity or asking others to get nude”, for example. The main Camfrog Video Chat room is chaos though. Because there are several people all communicating at once, all you see is a flurry of random messages between users. Click on a contact, and you can usually see their webcam (unless they are categorized as a “lurker” which means their webcam is paused for a while).

You can also hear Camfrog Video Chat conversations intermittently like you’re tuning in and out of a radio. In general, the whole thing is quite confusing. It would be fine to have a one-on-one chat on Camfrog Video Chat but interacting with several different users at once is like trying to catch rain water. If nothing else, it’s amusing just looking at people on their webcams who look equally confused as they stare at the Camfrog Video Chat messages scrolling past and scratch their heads. You also get the sense of a voyeur at times. It’s quite odd to accidentally tune into a conversation between a guy who’s explaining to his girlfriend that she and Camfrog Video Chat are the best things that ever happened to him!

The Camfrog Video Chat video and sound quality are pretty good and it’s amazing how many people are online. It’s much nicer to meet people “face-to-face” in this way rather than just chatting to them anonymously. It would be nicer to expand the size of the video but this is only available in the pro version. The same goes for seeing multiple videos at once. The overall Camfrog Video Chat interface looks a bit retro however – like MSN Messenger a few years ago – and feels a little bit cheap.

There are plenty of people online and Camfrog Video Chat has a lot of potential as a group collaboration tool. If you just want to meet friends though, you shouldn’t have any problems if you persevere. Recent changes:

– New Installer
– Stability and bug fixes
– More efficient logon to Camfrog

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